Dispatch Health- Austin



About Us

In 2013, emergency room physician Mark Parther and physician assistant Kevin Riddleberger set out with the goal of creating a new kind of healthcare, one that improved patient outcomes, provided better patient and provider experiences, and lowered medical costs.

Currently operating in 44 states, Dispatch Health offers top-rated medical care to patients no matter where they are in their healthcare journey, all delivered straight to the patients front door. We are dedicate to revolutionizing healthcare and put our passion, experience, and expertise into acheiving that goal every day.

When you are dealing with an illness or injury, we bring exceptional same-day care to your front door, 365 days a year. We accept most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our knowledgable team consists of a nurse practioner or physician assistant, a Dispatch Health Medical Technican, and a virtual physician. We treat everything an urgent care can, and more. We can also perform a range of procedures, including lab tests, administering IVs, and changing catheters.