Geek Powered Studios

About Us

Geek Powered Studios was established in 2009 as a means for its founder, Guillermo Ortiz, to supplement his income working as an in-house web designer in San Antonio Texas. Through his work in web design, Guillermo began hearing about ‘SEO’ and how valuable it was becoming to the success of small businesses. The company has quickly grown from its humble roots in San Antonio, and is now headquartered in Austin TX.
With an impressive client list in both the San Antonio and Austin areas, Geek Powered has built a strong reputation as a leader in the internet marketing world and is known particularly for working only with one client per industry, per area, and defeating clients of much larger agencies in the search rankings. Geek Powered Studios has been featured in a wide variety of publications including Mashable, American Express Open Forum, and Tech Cocktail.